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About Direct Trailer

Direct Trailer is the new name in flatbed and dropdeck trailers that you will want to know right away. We have assembled a first rate team from around the trailer industry who are all well respected in their fields. Using this team's expertise, along with recommendations collected from customers over the years, Direct Trailer has developed top quality flatbed and dropdeck trailers featuring process improvements you told us you wanted to see.

The Direct Trailer team has joined forces with The Direct Group of Companies to implement a strong logistics and production system. Together we can provide the volume of trailers to meet the needs of the fleet, while remaining agile enough to make modifications for those with specific trailer needs.

Whether one of our experts has called on your company, or you have seen our trailers at a distributor location near you, we welcome the chance to meet your trailer needs with our process improvements, our five-year warranty, and our superb reliability...not to mention an eye-catching price. Visit our contacts page or reach for us directly at (281) 713-8925 or


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